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I like this one
Comment and I'll:
a) Tell you why I friended you.
b) Associate you with something -- a fandom, song, colour, photo, etc.
c) Tell you something I like about you.
d) Tell you a memory I have of you.
e) Ask you something I've wanted to know about you.
f) Tell you my favourite userpic from your list.
g) In return, you need to post this on your own journal

Though I may fail on (f)
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Getting my haircut tonight
It's been um... 24 weeks since I had my last hair cut so I'm looking forward to that "just cut" feeling! :)
I'd say my pillow and my hairbrushes will be happy too :P
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Haven't posted in a while so thought I'd start off slow.
Some years ago, Paddy married an attractive woman, Maggie, half his age, in a small coastal Irish community.

After several months, Maggie complained that she had never climaxed during sex and according to her Grandmother all Irish women are entitled to a climax once in a while.

So, to resolve the problem, they went to see the Veterinarian since there was no trustworthy doctor anywhere in the village.

The Vet didn't have a clue, but he did recall how, during the hot summer, his mother and father would fan a cow that was having difficulty breeding with a big towel. This would cool her down and make her relax.

So the Vet told them to hire a strong, virile young man to wave a big towel over them while they were having sex. This, the Vet said, would cause the young wife to cool down, relax, then climax.

So the couple hired a strong young man from Dublin to wave that big towel over them as the Vet suggested.

After many efforts, Maggie still had not climaxed so they went back to the Vet.

The Vet said for her to change partners and let the young man have sex with her while Paddy waved the big towel.

They tried it that night and Maggie went into wild, screaming, ear-splitting climaxes, one right after the other for about two and a half hours.

When it was over, Paddy looked down at the exhausted young man and in a boasting voice said: 'And that, me son, is how ya waves a fekkin' towel!'

Better late than never
Went the post office today.. I had 7 or 8 things to send that have bridged over the last year. Can you tell I hate going the post office??

But it's done now :D The guilt is gone!!

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This Is My Life, Rated
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I'm a monkey
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It's just before the England v Brazil match. Ronaldinho goes into the

Brazilian changing room to find all his teammates looking a bit glum.

What's up?" he asks.

"Well, we're having trouble getting motivated for this game. We know

it's important but it's only England. They're sh*te and we can't be bothered."

Ronaldinho looks at them and says, "Well, I reckon I can beat them by

myself... you lads go down the pub."

So Ronaldinho goes out to play England by himself and the rest of the

Brazilian team go off for a few jars.

After a few pints they wonder how the game is going, so they get the

landlord to put the teletext on. A big cheer goes up as the screen reads

"Brazil 1 - England 0 (Ronaldinho 10 minutes)". He is beating England all by himself!

A few pints later and the game is forgotten until someone remembers, "It

must be full time now, let's see how he got on." They put the teletext on.

"Result from the Stadium 'Brazil 1 (Ronaldinho 10 minutes) - England 1

(Lampard 89 minutes)."

They can't believe it, he has single-handedly got a draw against England!!

They rush back to the Stadium to congratulate Ronaldinho. They find him i

the dressing room, still in his gear, sitting with his head in his hands.

He refuses to look at them. "I've let you down, I've let you down."

"Don't be daft, you got a draw against England, all by yourself. And they

only scored at the very, very end!" "No, no, I have, I've let you down...I got sent off after 12 minutes."

New LJ
Well I know nothing about this so bear with me! I'll get it up and running soon but I have exams coming up!